Process Control Theory Useful Links

A select list of internet resources that I have found very useful in understanding process control theory.

Control Systems Wiki Book

An open source book that is continuously developed (you can help too!) covering control systems. It is good in some parts such as control theory although not as deep as a more traditional work on the subject and it tends to focus on electrical systems rather than process control as used in manufacturing industries. However, it does give a very good introduction to the subject and there are some great references.

Michigan Chemical Engineering Process Dynamics and Controls Open Textbook

An excellent resource covering most of what you will need to understand the basics of process control. Developed from a process control course by Prof. Peter Woolf. Major sections include;

URL (which is not working at the moment!):

There are full videos too if you prefer that format.


Walter Driedger's Controlling Equipment

Walter Driedger is Senior Process Control Engineer for Colt Engineering of Calgary, Alberta, Canada and has produced this great website containing articles many of which have been published in Hydrocarbon Processing. Sections covered are;

It also has a folklore section to make you chuckle!